December 2020

formAxioms' META-SPACE concept development.

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September 2020

References shared during the second conversation.

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October 2020

wav files - mainchamber, chamber_one to seven and main radio spoken

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September 2020

Selected excerpts from curator's fourth conversation with Debbie.

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October 2020

Shared assets and notes

Blender file: note that the shapes are just dummy shapes for positioning, scaling. Same for material and lighting.

Size : 40m x 40m x 80m

Starting position and view: Ideally if we could start in the middle, facing downward at the calm waters,
And the calm water being broken by the water droplets + ripples.

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September 2020

Dubplate rerecording audio files.

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Process of Local Artists

The process — between the five local artists and the co-curators — of developing their respective environment was documented sporadically throughout the collaborative journey. In this section, a compilation of discussion and feedback logs, alongside fragments and references shared, as well as snippets of early forms, tests and variations, allow for an understanding of the ideas and thinking behind the ‘end’ immersive environments.

  Andreas Schlegel    Bani Haykal    Debbie Ding    Ong Kian Peng    Zai Tang

Videos by Overseas Responders

The premise and manifesto, alongside the fragments and documentations of the local artists’ progress and the info platform, were shared to five international respondents, from which they contributed varied responses in the forms of artworks.

Ranging from: a revisit-restaging-refiling of an archive; a live streaming of pixels-as-waterfall/waterlfall-as-pixels; an artist group counter platform that mediates the urbanisation and urbanism of contemporary life; an investigation of the fusion and virtual via a rendered environment informed by air quality data; and an interspecies and networked performance negotiating connections between species, technology and the planet — the respondent section draws and teases out thoughtlines that are resonant to the curatorial premise.

  altermodernists    Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo    tamtamART    Total Museum of Contemporary Art    Tropical Futures

Kinect and Immersive Environments

The five local artists’ archives (ideas and media) are provided to the curatorial team in order to be redeployed as interactive digital environments. Traditionally media art is projected-displayed as sound or as images; in this exhibition the immersive experience is generated so to extend the physical possibility of the gallery-space to allow the user to literally explore, as landscapes and material presences, the concepts defined by the artists. The exploration relies on the user’s attitude, the interaction with the sensor needs to be learned and performed in order to inhabit a space other, a hybrid presence trapped between the physical and the digital.


Manifestos and Development

Browse through the manifesto — the initial probes, questions, thoughtlines, and ideas — as the building stacks that set the premise and propel the trajectory for the project’s exploration into archival practices in the context of emerging digital modes of artistic expressions and forms of being.

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