December 2020

formAxioms' META-SPACE concept development.

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September 2020

References shared during the second conversation.

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October 2020

wav files - mainchamber, chamber_one to seven and main radio spoken

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September 2020

Selected excerpts from curator's fourth conversation with Debbie.

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October 2020

Shared assets and notes

Blender file: note that the shapes are just dummy shapes for positioning, scaling. Same for material and lighting.

Size : 40m x 40m x 80m

Starting position and view: Ideally if we could start in the middle, facing downward at the calm waters,
And the calm water being broken by the water droplets + ripples.

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September 2020

Dubplate rerecording audio files.

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Bani Haykal
azimat untuk algoritma


‘azimat untuk algoritma’, translated from Malay to mean “amulets for algorithms”, is a work based off an ongoing series of speculative fiction on imagined communities in Singapore. the work comprises of a set of amulets made for computers to “install” or allow for spirits to inhabit a machine at the interest of protecting it.


bani haykal experiments with text + music.

As an artist, composer and musician, bani considers music (making / processes) as material and his projects investigate modes of interfacing and interaction with feedback / feedforward mechanisms. He is a member of b-quartet.

Manifestations of his research culminate into works of various forms encompassing installation, poetry and performance. In his capacity as a collaborator and a soloist, bani has participated in festivals including MeCA Festival (Japan), Wiener Festwochen (Vienna), Media/Art Kitchen (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Japan), Liquid Architecture and Singapore International Festival of Arts (Singapore) among others.

His current work frames encryption as a process and basis for human-machine intimacy in both personal and public domains, by navigating interfaces such as a QWERTY keyboards and various autonomous machines as mediums of interactivity.

︎ banihaykal.wordpress.com︎ @fdbckfdfwd︎ soundcloud.com/banihaykal︎ banihaykal.bandcamp.com

Project Updates
Updated 03.12.20

Hidden fragments upload. Find them by exploring the virtual environments accessible at the exhibition space. Visit bits.negentropicfields.info and input the alphanumeric code to access your archive.

  Bani Haykal    Audio-visual    December 2020

wav files - mainchamber, chamber_one to seven and main radio spoken

  Bani Haykal    Audio-visual    October 2020

Bani's suggested build for his NPC.

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  Bani Haykal    Text    September 2020

References shared during the third conversation.

Azimat / wafak, Iranian and Malay amulets

  Bani Haykal    Resource    September 2020