December 2020

formAxioms' META-SPACE concept development.

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September 2020

References shared during the second conversation.

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October 2020

wav files - mainchamber, chamber_one to seven and main radio spoken

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September 2020

Selected excerpts from curator's fourth conversation with Debbie.

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October 2020

Shared assets and notes

Blender file: note that the shapes are just dummy shapes for positioning, scaling. Same for material and lighting.

Size : 40m x 40m x 80m

Starting position and view: Ideally if we could start in the middle, facing downward at the calm waters,
And the calm water being broken by the water droplets + ripples.

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September 2020

Dubplate rerecording audio files.

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Debbie Ding


MOTHER is a pulsating ever-changing fleshy ‘semi-sentient’ mass formed from the body of my work made over the last 10 years, along with additional 3D scans of my household domestic objects with meaning only known to myself, scraps of everyday packaging, stuck together in a glistening, dripping milky mess floating in space. A low electrical hum intermittently emanates, flickering light pulses from obsolete electronic devices stuck within the mass of MOTHER; tiny sparkly flies buzz around.

MOTHER is always on display
MOTHER is a repository of experiences
MOTHER is still busy trying to digest and process everything
MOTHER will never be finished with work
MOTHER is somehow always close but also far
MOTHER will speak and interact with you when your battery is low
MOTHER will try to answer your questions
MOTHER doesn’t have all the answers, but
MOTHER will comfort you


Debbie Ding (DBBD.SG) is a visual artist and technologist who researches and explores technologies of perception through personal investigations and experimentation. Prototyping is used as a conceptual strategy for artistic production, iteratively exploring potential dead-ends and breakthroughs–as they would be encountered by amateur archaeologists, citizen scientists, and machines programmed to perform roles of cultural craftsmanship—in the pursuit of knowledge.

DBBD received a BA in English Literature from the National University of Singapore and, as a recipient of the NAC Arts Scholarship (Postgraduate), an MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art, London. She has had solo exhibitions at The Substation Gallery, Singapore (2010) and Galerie Steph, Singapore (2013). Notable group exhibitions include “President’s Young Talents” (Singapore Art Museum, 2018); “After the Fall” (National Museum of Singapore, 2017); Singapore Biennale (2016); Radio Malaya (NUS Museum, 2016); Unearthed (Singapore Art Museum, 2014); Engaging Perspectives: New Art from Singapore (NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, 2013); Primavera (Immanence, Paris, 2012). She currently lives and works in Singapore.

︎ dbbd.sg  ︎ dbbd.sg/wiki  ︎ openurbanism.blogspot.com

Project Updates
Updated 03.12.20

Hidden fragments upload. Find them by exploring the virtual environments accessible at the exhibition space. Visit bits.negentropicfields.info and input the alphanumeric code to access your archive.

  Debbie Ding    Audio-visual    December 2020

Debbie processing the sound-fragments, view of the Vocaloid.

  Debbie Ding    Audio-visual    December 2020

Debbie presents her concept developed in Unreal Engine.

  Debbie Ding    Audio-visual    November 2020

Debbie presents her concept developed in Unreal Engine.

  Debbie Ding    Audio-visual    November 2020