December 2020

formAxioms' META-SPACE concept development.

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September 2020

References shared during the second conversation.

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October 2020

wav files - mainchamber, chamber_one to seven and main radio spoken

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September 2020

Selected excerpts from curator's fourth conversation with Debbie.

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October 2020

Shared assets and notes

Blender file: note that the shapes are just dummy shapes for positioning, scaling. Same for material and lighting.

Size : 40m x 40m x 80m

Starting position and view: Ideally if we could start in the middle, facing downward at the calm waters,
And the calm water being broken by the water droplets + ripples.

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September 2020

Dubplate rerecording audio files.

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The Art of Gaming Concepts – Topologies of Art, Platforms and Archeologies of the Future(s)

“Ontologies of the present demand archeologies of the future, not forecasts of the past”1

“[I]n order for thought to make a difference in the world, it must first make a difference in itself - and this is where abstraction finds its true vocation.”2

“[…] the question of the energy (and energeia) that fire (which is also light) contains […] constitutes the matrix of the thought of life and of information, and does so as the play of entropy and negentropy.”3



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